I am finding myself in a new pickle over the last couple of years. I have managed to avoid injuries to myself most of the time by focusing my anger on the people who have caused me pain with verbal, self-pitying displays of why they should apologize to me. People obviously do not understand this and do not know that I am, in some ways, protecting myself and standing up for myself. It makes my self esteem better and worse because I have filled the need to take it out and speak my mind, but I have left someone very upset and thinking I am insane because generally people are self absorbed and don’t realize that their behavior has caused so much pain. It’s like I traded one demon for another and I worry I am becoming addicted to this behavior. I would just like an answer that might help and to know that others have gone through this. Easier said than done, but it is a behavior I must correct. I just fear what will happen if I go back to how it used to be.