About me :about a month ago i had a wake up call. i had been in a dark place for about a week and though id never get out and during that time id try to for get about that pain that was inside by SI.  i had been doing it occasionally for about 6 months, only when i was at a really low point in my life. my dad had come to confront me and when found a tool and found injuries on me. my parents took my to a physiotherapist and he diagnosed me with depression and put me on an antidepressant and ive been seeing a therapist and since then ive been better, not great but i havent SI.

my problem: i have science last period of school, and unfortunately i have to sit next to this girl i severely dislike. i never pay attention to her until today. i was looking at her and saw what I think are injuries. i know i shouldnt jump to conclusions but for some reason i had a gut feeling that she might be SI. i remembered how back in the summer id cover my injuries and for some reason i have a feeling she might be doing the same. this girl, shes not the nicest around but also not the most privileged. she acts like her life is fabulous but it doesnt really seem like it would, her dad isnt in the picture, her mom isnt the best role model, shes constantly talked about (badly!) at school and doing things she shouldn’t.

im definitely not the biggest fan of this girl and shes not the biggest fan of me either but if  im right about her SI id really like to help somehow because i want to help so that this girl doesnt have to result to that anymore and can get help like i am getting. im just not sure what to do !