My boyfriend Tyler has really helped me with my injuring and family issues. He understands and even when he doesnt he just listens he doesnt try to understand. He used to be addicting to SI. But he has stopped and he is helping me, When I am hurting or want to SI I call him and he helps me. Sometimes he just listens to me cry or just sits there. I know that I can trust him and tell him anything. When I told him that I was injuring again yes he got upset first but he said I will do whatever I can to help you. He also said that if I SI either he will leave or he will SI.  It helps cause the fear of losing him prevents me from injuring because he has helped me through everything. He is the only person that really understands the pain I am feeling. Sometimes I drive to his house just to get away from my family fighting and I spend the night and then when i get up in the morning for school. I am ok. I love you Tyler and Thank You for being my best friend and my love.