What do you do when you are so sad??So here lately i’ve made some of the worst mistakes in my life and i’m suffering from them. The problems i’m having are including these people.

My Father- my parents have fought since i was little and my dad was always very violent they got diorced two years ago and went completely downhill, he is drinking again and i hardly hear from him anymore, wether he beat my mom and i, i still miss him

My Mom-She is in one of those stages where nothing she does is her fault and she acts like a spoiled teenager, she isn’t here for me anymore..

My mammaw and poppy- My poppy is sick and has been for awhile we find out now we may have cancer and my mammaw is having a hard time dealing with it, plus we may loose our house, consisting of my mom poppy mammaw me and my sister and two pets

My sisters- my little sister is having a hard time and showing it in an attitude.My older sister needs to be in rehab and refuses to.

My ex- because of a mistake that i made, his family hates me and i’ve lost him

Myself- The mistakes i made have an outcome of loosing my best friend, my life for nearly six months, and my boyfriend, i have nothing to look foward to all i do is cry i’m constantly depressed and nothing helps..