im a freshmen in highschool.

i was sitting in my first period class and towards the end my friend notices my scars. she said im turning emo. she asked what happened and i said my cousin went to the hospital and she left her cat at my home and her cat dosent like me. then in second period my other friend ask me i shrug it off and dont really say anything. in fourth period , my art class, there is a junior named adam and today was the second day we talked even though we’ve been in the class for 2 weeks and he notice the scars, i wanted to tell him no its not the cat but i didnt have the courage tell him i did this to myself.

it took my friends so long to notice when adam notices it instantly. i’ve never told anyone about me SIing. i dont wanna tell my friends im afraid of their judgments. im known as the happy girl. anyways, im thinking about telling adam

what do you guys think? im kinda scared hes gonna tell someone if i do tell him or give me a lable

i need help please give me some advice