every second that im home im scared why? because my mom phsically and mentally abuses me she shouts and hits me im always scared im a freshmen in highschool and cant wait to get out of this house

when i finally couldnt take it anymore i starrted SIing one month before school starts to take away the stress now i sometimes do it for pleasure i have never told anyone i SI they all ask how i got the scars but i always say its my cousins cat when the truth is my cousin dosent have a cat.

im afraid that if i tell anyone they will tell everyone and i dont want anyone to know, im afraid that everyone at school will know and the teachers will call my parent.

i wish i had the courage to tell some one..i havent even told my absolute bestest friend im so scared. i tell everyone that i cant wait for the weekend but the truth is i never wanna go home from school. at school i have so much fun and and home im abused.

i wish i could stay at school forever.

i’ve tried many times to stop SI but after certain amount of day i dont SI i start going crazy..it all i think about..it honestly becomes the center of my world

i dont think i could ever stop