I’ve begun to isolate myself. I don’t know why exactly. I only have to people outside of my immediate family that I even have contact with on a daily basis. I’ve begun to ignore other friends when they call or text. Its just so much easier not dealing with them. All they want to do is hang out and go hang out in bars and that’s not what I like to do. So when I try to explain this to them I come across as the lame boring one. Well sorry id rather read a book than go hook up with random guys ill never see again. I might scar myself emotionally and physically but I respect my body when it comes to guys. I guess I’m the only one who can hurt me and I won’t let anyone else close. I havnt sied in almost three weeks now. So i,m doing well. I wanted to tonight but I have a massive headache and I’m staying at my brothers so its harder. If I’m pulling away from friends and family on a deeper level am I getting worrse? Even though my si isn’t bad right now? With everyone I’m this fun bubbly nice girl. I havnt told anyone in a really long time how I feel. (Except on here). I have no idea who id talk to though. Idk I think ill go to bed because I’m not making sense