First post welcome. I’m Alice , you know like the character from the book. I feel alone. I mean I have friends and family but they don’t know im depressed or more accurately they don’t care just ignore it all. I have one friend who is also my boyfriend who knows and tries to understand but.. it feels like i cant tell him. I don’t want to burden him , so in the end I’m still alone when I feel my worst. So I turn of my life, play some music and try to breath. If it doesn’t help I relapse back into self-injury. im terrified because I cant even feel it sometimes. Sometimes I’m scared of this addiction costing me everything that means something to me.I don’t want to relapse, I don’t know how to ask for help without hurting the one person who cares. The sad fact is I don’t know anything anymore and I’m becoming lost alone in all these thoughts and contemplations and its making it harder on me not to hurt myself.So im just going to type on here and beg for an answer, for a light, because i don’t know how to save myself anymore, and I’m scared of being lost forever.