well i gave in to temptation last night. I called this hotline and told them i was thinking about it but they didnt even have anything to say. just quiet and asked me what my plans are for the weekend. i swear there arent enough people out there that know about this topic and know what to do about it. i had to go to the hospital but they to are sick of me. i am there every few months. they just send me back home, no inpatient stay, no meds. my doc called this morning though and put me back on meds; thank god. school starts monday. i have to get this under control. i can’t fail any of my classes and that is what is worrying me. if i can’t handle the stress now how will i be able to go to school? I feel like a failure for SIing. i went 4 months with out any problems and with in 2 weeks everything went downhill. i hope i can pull myself out of this