well i am home now from my vacation. my stepmom didnt want me there so i left a week early. i feel sad because i havent seen my dad in two years and she ruined it. well i talked to my dad today and told him to come visit me by himself. he got mad. then i told him that his wife ruined my time with him and he turns around and defends her. blames me because i couldnt “let it roll of my back”. lame!! i went 4 months without hurting myself and while i was there i injured. now i’m back to square one. my therapist is at a conference till the 21st so i have no one to talk to. trying to distract myself. i have my cousin staying the night tonight. anyways, i just dont know what to do. i feel betrayed by my therapist, because she never returned my phone call; now i dont want to go see her anymore. i feel like she doesnt care. anyways just looking for some support. feel free to comment. i would greatly appreciate it.