i feel numb. i really want to go to the s.a.f.e. intensive but from what ive read its farther away then i could reach. i live on the west coast and my parents wouldnt send me over to go. i should look into it more so when i ask them i prepared to answer their questions. arg i just feel so numb. im staying a week with a friend over on the coast which so far is totally radical because my friend is an amazing person. she is always by my side to help me even through the tough times. we can be total idots around eachother and we just go with it. she is one of best friends.
i have a hard time truly being myself with people so i dont have many actual have many friends who know know me. the girl im spending the week with is one of them. there is also this dude who is pretty epic. he makes me smile and laugh. he also though is there for me when i need someone to tell me to get it together and not to do something. my friend keep me in line and i love them for that…i dont know anymore i feel like im made of srings and im being held together by only one.

i love you guys and i praying for you and stay strong we are in this together