I’ve been trying to stay positive these last few days with everything going well. But my cousin came back today from his vacation. I was glad to see him and have him back. I thought he was happy to see me too but that was just a big lie. He wasn’t happy to see me, he was happy because he thought I was bringing my best friend over for him in a few days. He never cared to see me, he just wanted to use me to see the girl he likes. He wanted to make sure I was happy so I would do what he wanted. I tried to tell him how I feel about all this. He just never gets it, no matter how many times I try to explain it. One quote I love and always listen to is “when the world says give up, hope whispers give it one more try.” But I think hope isn’t even whispering to me anymore. I try and try but I just keep getting hurt. I feel like no one wants me and things aren’t telling me otherwise.