My mother kicked me out on thursday and i know i said things i didn’t mean but it was never so horrible to the point where she would want to kick me out. I’m trying to be nice to her but she always uses me as leverage in fights.
me-“I might as well just run away”
mother-“I’ll call the cops.”
me-“and say what? that I ran away for fun?”
mother-“i’ll tell them you are in an unstable mental state and that you will injure yourself.”

I honestly didn’t know what to say so i just walked away. What am i supposed to do i love my mom but she can really hurt me sometimes and its not fair. It’s not okay. she can’t do that to me, yet she does it all the time ever since i told her. I feel like she thinks i’m crazy or something, or that i’m just faking. why would someone want to lie about this? I just honestly don’t understand.