i got out of SAFE july 30th 2008. I didn’t self-injury for three months after that. it’s been off and on since then. some weeks are fine and some weeks are worse. these past couple of weeks have been worse. I was looking at videos on youtube about self-injury documentaries and saddened when i didn’t really find anything that i believed was of a high enough production value for anyone to take it seriously and the sad music and flashes to scars didn’t exactly shed light upon the subject nor provide hope those who suffer from this. ugh….[insert rest of rant here if you must].

trying to get into an out-patient DBT program…i knew a really great girl that i was in the program who seemed to have some luck with that. time will have to tell. i was thinking about getting ahold of the people i was in SAFE with….but i feel like waaaaaay too much time has passed and i would royally weird them out. i just found my snaps a few weeks ago…at least they made me smile 🙂