so theres this guy at work, whos currently ckeaning himself up. hes a drug addict and has decided to quit. cold turkey. as a small third shift crew we all care about him and are being his support in his struggle to quit drugs. last night he was having a lot of trouble with withdrawls, and he and i started talking, i didnt tell him about my addiction to si but i think he knows that i have some kind of problem. he went home early bc th withdrawls were too bad and he needed sleep. i asked him if he thought he was strong enough to go home alone bc i was worried about him. he looked at me and said “yeah, the trouble the drugs have caused arent worth it anymore.” he is now my new inspiration. if he can quit an addiction like that then i can certainly quit si. he doesnt know what an impact he made on my life last night. i might tell him sometime, but not yet.