well a couple weeks ago i sent out a blog saying i was doing better. well i slipped up again and I just feel lousy. I am on vacation and i am visiting my dad and his wife for two weeks. its only day 3 and i’ve SI’d. I didnt want to but I was just so caught up in the moment. First my planes were delayed and I thought that i would have to stay the night at the airport. so my emotions got all fired up and out of hand, i cried  and i was angry that my dad wasnt willing to drive 4 hours to get me if that was the case. well thank God that my third flight was delayed…so i made it to my destination without staying at the airport. well i thought we would be doing something fun but so far all we have done was i escorted my father to his appt, and we went grocery shopping. woo!  I thought we would go to the beach or go shopping or something. I just feel so bored and homesick. I miss my mom. (even tho she doesnt do anything either)  i miss my therapist. I know she will be disapointed in me when she finds out i hurt myself. I havent told my dad and i wont. i dont know what to do with myself…i hate being cooped up in the house. i want to do something. i tried to share with my dad that i’m feeling sad and i’m having those thoughts in my head but he just said cuz im bored and i should go help him do yard work. i dont know what to do. since i hurt myself i feel guilty and hopeless. i feel like i failed and that i wont be able to start school. i’m off my meds. the doc wanted to see how that would go. obviously not well. anyways, it would be nice to hear from someone. please talk to me