“I Believe in the sun even when its not shining
I believe in love even when I dont feel it
and I believe in God even when He is silent…and I… I believe”– BarlowGirl [I believe in love]
It’s easier said than done when you are told to just let the past go. I can’t seem to forget what has happened in my past even many years ago. They tell me to forget it and move on, but I can’t. It’s what makes me who I am today. All of the hurt and pain that was felt in the past helped mold the figure that stands before you right now. Although this figure is tattered and worn, she stands tall and she stands her ground. She knows what she believes in. She knows her faith. Her hurt and pain kills her and eats away at her sometimes… there are days when she just feels like running. She can’t let go of any of the stuff that went down throughout her life. The figure that stands before you today may seem so bubbly, so strong, so confident… but when you look behind the mask of this figure, you will see a sad, hopeless little girl… crying her eyes out, screaming and begging for help, for mercy, for comfort. This girl can hide her feelings to a level where no one notices her pain. She can’t seem to forgive and forget… She lives on the past, is scared of the present, and looks forward to the future… A future where she will be living a on the beach… Where everyones expectations won’t matter anymore.. Where she can be who she truly is without worrying what her family may think. This figure that stands before you is about to fall into pieces… and although she doesnt see love… she still believes in it…