whatsoever. since i recently moved to claremore ok, i have new neighbors. of course. so, my new neighbors came over and they have a daughter thats the same age as me. me and her have become pretty good friends in these past couple of months. so she came over today to hang out then afterwords we were goin to her house to swim in her in-ground pool (lucky!). we were tlkin and somehow the subject of my bf came up. and i told her about how he just got out of the psychiatric hospital last friday. i told her he self injures. shes like, “oh. well do you?” and of course i have no clue as to wat i shud say. -i dont really like ppl knowin cuz they tell someone and that person tells someone and the chain goes on and on. and then everyone thinks i do it for attention all cuz i told that one person (ive went thru this b4). plus, this is like a new start for me. why ruin it by admitting ima freak?- so im like ” no…maybe…idk…” so she sits there just lookin at me like shes waitin for a real answer or somethin. finally i say “ya. i do…” and shes like, “does it look like i would do that to you?” and in my head im like heck no! shes a freakin blonde, tan, preppy, beautiful chic (no. i dont flow that way. bf remember?). she has a huge house, an in-gorund pool, a pool house, a hot tub, and tons of friends. so i say “umm…no not really.” and she says “well i do. i have been since like june.” and im like woah! in my head. so ya. now i have no hope whatsoever. if she, the wonderful person that she is, Self injures, then i have no right to hope. i feel so hopeless. ='(