So this is my first post. I’m really glad I came across this site because I’ve recently just relapsed.

I’m starting to feel really down again. I know it has something to do with my recent “love” issues, but I can’t help the hurt this person has caused me. I told this person about all of my issues, and he just decided to disregard everything we’ve both been through. He was the one person I could run to when I needed someone to be there for me. I thought he understood me since he has some drug issues of his own. I remember when we told eachother our problems and decided to help eachother. He just recently took me out of his life, but he thought that wasn’t enough – he decided to rub it in my face he’s using again. My heart broke because I rememberd the promise we made back in April, and that just triggered me and I relapsed. It’s hard, because I never thought he’d be a reason I hurt myself. I’m hoping things look up because after almost a month of not SI, I thought there was some kind of hope. I don’t understand why that hope has been taken away from me once again. I thought I was okay. That my depression had suddenly warn off, when in all actuality, I was just shoving it deep down inside of me hoping I’d just forget about it. Who knew as soon as one thing went wrong it’d posess me all over again.