thats how long i lasted

before i threw it all away

and gave into my urges to injure

all over a stupid guy

i barely even care about

but still made me feel awful about myself

two months of feeling great

and now i’m falling back into the same cycle

i’m leaving for college in two weeks

what will they think about me

when they see all the scares down my arm

and the new injuries i’ve created

i don’t like this guy

yet somehow i let him make me feel like trash

i’m so depressed

and my family is so self involved to even notice

i’m starting to hate myself again

after being so happy for two months

i think leaving my house will help

being away from all the toxic things here

i hate my house

i can’t stand my family

my friends don’t care

i’m all alone.

please, someone help

anyone who understands what i’m going through,

seriously any advice will help.