so, i moved out of my mentally abusive household about a month ago. This means I’ll have to start a “new” school… again. When I say “new”, it’s not really new. It’s actually my old school district i went to all through elementary school, but that was almost 5 years ago. And, what really stinks is, none of my really good friends are there, they all moved away. I’ll know some people, but no one’s my good friend. And…. I didn’t exactly leave the school with a good reputation in 6th grade… Back then was when I was first depressed. And since then it’s gotten worse and I’ve started injuring. In my old school district, I was shy, quiet, sad, lonely, reserved and didn’t talk much. But when I was with my friends, I was fun to be around. I was funny and nice and caring. I’m just worried I’ll be alone in this new/old school. And plus, people in my old school district thought I was a poser and I was bullied a couple times. I’m worried people are going to make fun of me again… And I really want to reinvent myself. Like, maybe get a piercing, and I want to dye my hair either black or red. But I’m not sure and I don’t know how my grandparents are going to feel about that. And one thing that makes me really nervous is that I’m probably gonna sit alone during lunch my first day there. And that scares me… I’m hoping everything will go okay but I’m never really sure. Does anyone have any advice for me?