I always end up injuring when my best friend is over. After she goes to sleep of course. When she’s here, I feel more alone than I do when I’m actually alone. She knows about my history, yet she says nothing, and does nothing to even show the least bit of concern. I feel like its not taken seriously by her and it really kills me. Does anybody else have a seemingly non supporting best friend like this? How do you deal with it? It really rips me up inside that she cant even see through me enough to tell that I’m not okay. She used to, but now it seems like she’s just wrapped up in herself. Which to a point is understandable, but still. At what point do you stop showing concern for your best friend who has an obvious problem? She was my one and only support, and now its like she’s not even there. Does anybody else feel even more alone after telling somebody, than they did before anybody knew? I just feel so alone in this.