Last night i had a dream and i dont know what it means but here i go:

I was on this airplane with other teens on board and we weren’t allowed to land to our destionation.Some kid said to me “God didn’t except us”, and others were saying “we’re going back” and ” we won’t see tomorrow” and “the end is tomorrow” and i’m thinking i’m not ready,not right with God, but we didn’t go back.We went to this camp where we had to wear uniforms and follow by the rules. We had to please the woman in charge or we would be killed,(sent back to earth to face the end). As i was walking i noticed a sign saying “Camp of Fallen Shadows.” As i continued walking,some other kid asked what that mean “Fallen Shadow”,and i guess saying “we are a shadow falling from Heaven  to Earth or Hell.Falling but not quiet there yet.”

I’m really confused.