Death scares me.. ive lost five people in the last two years and i honestly cant do this anymore. my friend just died last night..i thought that things were gonna start getting better but then more and more just keeps getting thrown at me. Freak accidents taking people i love and care about away.. its been happening way to often. I used to think that death only happened to other people but i realize it can happen to anyone at any second and that life is a lot more fragile then it seems. My man karl  i hope you will put in a good word with the big man up there for me..i know i havent been the best i can be but im scared. im trying to turn things around i really am just tell him that please.  say hi to major, darren, keri and my grandma for me, you all were taken way to soon. Drop your sick beats on the drums up there and keep your hair short i like it better that way..ha you remember when i couldnt even recognize you when you got it short. man im gonna miss you, next year will be weird not seeing your face. we were gonna graduate together we had so much more left to do…. RIP man youll forever be in my heart.