I wen to a new doctor today for a routine visit and left wanting to si. It amazes me how many health care professionals that are out there who have a complete disregard for thier patient’s issues. One look at me and it is very apparent I have sied. I let my doctor know before hand so she knew what the scars were. It was not like I was asking for any sympathy but her bedside manner could have been a bit better. It was like I was an a different creature. I felt so ashamed of myself. It is not easy seeming out a new doctor and having to explain myself and my body. I feel ashamed and embaressed of my body because of what I have done to it.

To make things even more interesting, I am at an all weekend family function where a lo of people hang out outside and by the hotel pool. Well don’t I look a bit ridiculous in my long sleeved shirt and long pants. It is 90 degrees outside. People look at me weird. My scars are controlling me but it is me who did it to myself. I have to deal with the consequences. *sigh*