Hi everyone,

We here at S.A.F.E. Alternatives have been talking about the recent trend on the blog.  There seem to be several people who are just posting their email address and encouraging others to write them directly.  While my guess is these are all simply kind people who want to support others through self injury, we still find it to be a possible concern. 

Our goal with the blog is to offer a place where people can come to talk about their feelings and get positive support.  As you can see, we try our best to keep the blog “trigger free” and safe for people as young as 11 who are on the blog, and people of all ages. 

While we encourage everyone to respond to posts and offer support, in an effort to keep the blog as safe as possible, we’re not going to encourage anyone to contact a person who is a complete stranger, even if they would receive support.  We’ve determined that the potential risk to blog members is too much for us to encourage in good conscience.   I am sure this will frustrate some people, and please feel free to write with questions about this.  We’d be happy to answer them. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this :-).  And thanks for taking the time to come to the SAFE blog.