Motivation has been a HUGE part of me being able to successfully complete the program SAFE outpatient w/ my counselor. I am holding onto the fact that injuring is a choice, it would make things worse, I would have 529 days self-injury free  down the toilet & know now that I DESERVE self-care NOT self-destruction. I have one final I plan to take later this week, not to mention I start classes at a new university later on this week. Which I’m both excited & scared about starting. With all that I am I’m trying to hold on to my motivation telling myself that all the abuse I was subjected to is over & that I will be okay as long as I don’t si. I’ve even thought about refreshing my list of alternatives, just to change it up. Am I crazy for thinking that the program works without going to a SAFE facility? I really am trying here. I just don’t want to get squashed by the big pink elephant in the corner. If I don’t talk about what’s bothering me & ask for what I need I’m going to get squashed by the big pink elephant in the corner. :'( I’ve started using my impulse control logs again which are great. I wish I knew how to make the negative thinking log though.