I was a patient at S.A.F.E back in the late 90’s. I thought I had put the whole SI business behind me to not be thought of or most definately be spoken of again.  I was one of the people that Marilee Strong wrote about in her book. I was ashamed by how I was portrayed.  I threw the book away and tried to systematically erase the person spoken about in the book.  I even changed my entire name and moved to a different state– even though she used a pseudonym for me.  

All was going fairly well with  the life of ignorance until last week when my teenage niece, whom I love dearly, called and said she was having a problem abstaining from SI.  That is a subject I’ve not wanted to even think about much less have my niece struggle with.   So, now here I am with a different name, different geography, 10yrs older, and I’ve come full circle.  I have to figure it out this time because my niece is counting on me.  She thinks I’m the smartest, bravest person she knows. I’ve got to figure out how to be that for her and myself at this point.