If I cry he says I am seeking attention
If I answer him he says I am being stubborn
If I think about SI he says I am abandoning him
If I miss my parents he says I don’t love him enough
If I am distracted even when playing computer games he says I am making fun of him

what should I do? I love him.
And I am not giving excuses to him saying I am worried about other stuff and that despite I want to play games with him I can’t focus
I love him so much, and i am so glad about living alone with him but I miss my mom and my sisters, I won’t leave him ever but arguing like this tires me off and makes me think about SI and I cry like having him angry at me hurts a lot inside and I can’t do nothing to avoid it. I wish I could do things as he wants to but I can’t…
I am not giving excuses, I am not making fun of him, I am giving my best but I can’t focus, and even when I am focused he says I am not cuz I make mistakes…
It hurts
It hurts so badly I don’t know if I can take this anymore without becoming insane.