so basically i have been injuring for over 2 years.  that is 2 years too long.  i just want it all to stop and to finally get better. i have been trying. i have been trying so hard.  it is so difficult though getting over an addiction.  and its killing me inside.  i cry and cry and cry and hope for a better life.  but i know that this is my life and it will never change.  i injured myself on february 5th and i vowed to myself that that would be the very last time i would ever do so.  i was so strong, believing in my decision to change.  but 3 months and 5 days later, i injured. again.  i broke my promise to myself and gave in to my addiction.  and i was so hurt.  so dissapointed in myself.  because i knew i was better than that.  i knew i am destined to be a better person.  but this life has not turned out the way i’d hoped.  i am still following the same path as before.  i need help.  but ive tried.  ive tried getting so much help.  therapy, anti depressants.. what else can i do?? is there anything else to do??