I don’t have very many friends in result to my SI. When I first started SI, I distanced myself from everyone and lost many of the friends I once had. Now I only have one friend that I can actually talk to about my problems and then a few that just say they’re my friends in order to go to concerts and stuff. I’ve finally opened up to my one friend about my SI problems and why I do it. He’s been the most supportive person to me so far. No matter what I tell him, he is always there for me, I should be happy for this but … quitting is hard. I was explaining more about my SI to him the other day and he kept trying to say that I should just use him. He wants me to just talk to him whenever I get the urge to SI. I know most people would be happy if they had a friend so willing to help them stop but … I just struggle with grasping it. I guess after SI’ing for over a year I’m having troubles letting it go. I know I should stop, I want to stop for him but there is still this part of me that just doesn’t want to stop. I guess it sounds stupid to most people that I’m fighting against help but … I just I can’t quite grasp it all at once. He keeps telling me I’m worth the fight but … after going so long without having a known worth it’s just really hard.