Soo I am in counseling now and I have been trying not to si but its soo hard and I cant stop!!My counselor asked me if I was injuring and I have been lying to her. I feel soo bad about lying to her but I know that she will tell my parents and I dont want them to know. I dont want anyone to know about it!! I am so stupid for doing it but I counldnt help it!! I just wish that I could be where no one  would make me feel bad about what I am doing but thats not where I am I have to be here where no one understands what I am doing or why am doing it and I hate it!!I dont want to go to high school I just want to stay at my old school with my school counselor.She is the only one that I could tell when I injured and now I have no one!!! I wish that I could stay there forever.Thats were when people asked were I felt safe I would say in her classroom.Thats were I could talk freely without getting yelled at, without geting judged, without having to lie about injuring, and were I was excepted for me and not the person I have to be around individual people like my mom, stepmom,and step grandmother.When I am around them I have to act like 3 totally different people and I cant stand it!!!