Today I had my 4th session with my counselor Nicole and we were talking and stuff.then I showed an injury. Thats when she said I think at this point you need further treatment that we can’t give you.I just started counseling also she asked me if I felt like I needed to go the hospital right now while we were in counseling.She also said that doctor baghani the psychiatrist might put me in the hospital or something with meds.I forgot why she said that though all I remember was that the first thing she asked me was how things where and when I go back to see the doctor wich will be in two months well technically next month now.I know I said in my other post “Hospitalization and Medication” that I wanted to go to the hospital for this,but I don’t when Iwrote that I wasn’t in my right mind.She’s worried about mje and since I will not see her next week cause she is off for school she made make a deal with her that I would call her on Wednesday.Huh I don’t know what to do if it needs to be done then it has to be done’but I don’t wanna leave my family i’ve put enough pain on people especially my family putting me into a home will amke it worst,BUT my mom did say that if counseling doesn’t work then she will let them put me in the hospital. I’m scared and I noticed that pain we don’t inflict on ourself hurts us more that the pain we do inflict o ourselves.I’m so scared i don’t know what to do HELP!