so I haven’t really updated here in a while, I do most of my updating and other blog entries on another self-injury website. But anyways, as I was having problems with my father and home life, I’ve moved in with my grandparents and I’m really hoping that will make me feel better. There’s always the recurring thought about injuring, though. It’s always easy for me to overcome the urges, which is good, but I’m afraid that when school starts the stress will start to get to me. But as for now I’m trying to think positive about all this… Lately there’s been some stress, like the fact I will have to see my “stalker” at my one friend’s birthday party that’s in about a week. Not only that, I need to buy a swimsuit and a present. I’m also stressed because I’m nervous about wearing a swimsuit in front of my friends, and new people. There are some scars that are noticeable. I haven’t injured in a week exactly. But, I’m still nervous someone’s gonna make a big deal about it. I’m also stressed about what to get my friend… I have NO clue what she would even like -_- and that makes me feel like a horrible friend. I’m sure once I’m in the store, I’ll have more of an idea. Another thing I’m stressed about is that I’m going to my friend’s house in a couple weeks. For a week. I have medical problems and they need straightened out for when I’m going there, and I still haven’t decided what to do, so far I’ve said “I’ll bring my things, but I’ll only do it if I need to”. I’ve stayed a week at her house before and she says I was fine. With my horrible memory, I couldn’t remember. >.> And then there’s the fact her family is completely and 100% Christian. I’m okay with that, but there’s the awkward fact that I’m Agnostic. 100% agnostic, and leaning towards being Atheist, but still unsure. They go to church and pray and that’s just not me. I wasn’t raised religious and I just feel so fake sometimes, when I’m around them. My friend doesn’t know this about me, and I’m afraid if her family knew this about me, they wouldn’t want me hanging out with her anymore. Her family is very strict, and although she said they couldn’t do anything to end our friendship, I feel whatever she would say would be out of question. Plus, I’ve had a friend taken away from me because of my parents and our relationship was never the same. 🙁 My friend and I have been friends since the first grade and I would hate to lose her… Hmm so yeah either way, things with me are good, despite these little things.