Ever since I started to SI my life has gone in a downward spiral. I now injure in more than one way. I cried out to someone I trust through email, hoping to get some advice, they have not replied after saying they would. Probably because they saw me on some accounts and thought I was doing fine, or didn’t mean my email….

I am being unfair to guilt trip this person, but they told me to keep crying out, and they are one of the people I trust, so all I want to know is why? I am being so unfair…

But I feel so alone it hurts, it makes my heart ache. I cry to God every day to save me, but it doesn’t feel like he’s listening. I made a promise to myself to become thin today, and this promise I really meant. My eating disorder is really going to take a tole on me, but I guess I’m willing to do anything to give me control over this pathetic life.

I am telling all of you going through this, stop now, your life depends on it. Cry out to those around you. I have stopped doing that because I am too afraid.