I went to see my counselor today for my 3rd session.It went pretty good I guess I thought about telling her about my friend,but I didn’t .I really want to for some reason,but I don’t know how she will react,and I don’t want her to react in like a negative way.Should I tell her? I don’t know what to do i’m constantly thinking about i’m straight,but it’s awkwardly flatering that she likes me.I find it flatering cause this is THE FIRST TIME anyone has a crush on me.Well I think this 6th grader had a crush on me cause I was outside and his friend Antonio came up to me,and was like hey you see that guy with the Gatorade bottle he likes you when I looked at him and all his friends and him where smiling. Ugh but I don’t know I wanna tell her,but I don’t know how she will react.