Im  sorry i havent been on for so long, but i wanted to talk about what i did in January… In january I injured…not badly, but enough that one of my teachers turned me in to the counselors. My parents got told, and everyone whispered about me. Basically everyone in the school knows that im an injurer and i mean everyone. I have 475 kids in my graduating class and im a sophmore, the freshman class has about 500, and the junior and senior class have about the same amount my class does. Anyone that had the will to know knows. As do every teacher that i had this year and last year and any that runs clubs im in, the librarians, counselors and principals. We have 7 counselors, who each talked to me personally, 1 principal, 1 associate principal, and 2 vice principals, each of them also talked to me one on one. -_-. So now im the most famous injurer in the school.

Returning to school next year will be one of the hardest things I do…. everyone but the upcoming freshmen either knows m. or knows of the cheery “emo” girl who injures. my teachers will have already judged me….

please comment for questions or concerns, im empathetic for everyone on here so if you need someone to email just remember, 

Sincerely Hollie