I just viewed my ACT Score online and I got a 19…I went up ONE point from my last test and I took a Prep Class at Slyvan. My parents still don’t know and I don’t wanna tell them unless they ask me or until they get it in the mail…but I still feel awful. They paid for the Prep Class which cost A LOT I’m sure and now I go and I screw it all up.

My GPA is really good though so that helps at least so colleges can see what type of student I am and I’m an AWFUL at taking tests like the ACT but I don’t know…I was praying for a 24 and instead got a…19. I really don’t want to see my parent’s disappointed faces when I tell them that their eldest daughter is screwed up and can’t put their money to good use and get a 24 like they wanted. Any tips or anybody who experienced something like this?