Dear Readers,

I’m Patricia D. I am just turned 13 on June 6. I have had 2 friends get killed in the past 2 years. I would rather not share how though. I have been injuring since I was around 11 years old. My real friends told me to stop and they also tell me that it’s not good for me to do what I am doing. Yet, they don’t know what I have went through, and they never will. I want to be known and understood by others. I have also been abused by my so called “friends.” I feel like I still want to injure myself. And I’m afraid that if I tell my parents, all that they will do is yell at me. I was wondering if there was possibly another way to cope with my 2 losses. And I was also curious if there were any people out there that have been in somewhat the same situations that I have been through. Please help me. I really need all the advice I can get.

Thank You,