Hello everyone,

I wanted to write again because it seems like there are so many people who are wanting help to stop self injury.  Maybe you don’t know about the SAFE (Self Abuse Finally Ends) program, even though  you’re here at our blog.  It’s a program that’s generally 30 days long and has been around for the past 25 years.  It’s such a great program, and that’s why I’ve worked with them for the past several years.  I really believe in it as I’ve seen it change people’s lives. 

The program is currently opening  in St. Louis.  Though the first part opening will be for 12 – 20 year olds, we are gathering a waiting list now for adults – as that program will be opening in the late Fall.  Some of you from other areas of the country may read this and think “it’s impossible, how would I get all the way there, etc.???”  Well, that’s part of the program that has always amazed me.  People come to it from all over the US and even other countries!  Don’t give up before you even try – to get help for self injury, you need to reach out and ask for it.  Our job is to help you figure out how and if you are right for the program.  We walk you through every step of the way.  Call 800-366-8288 (you’ll leave a msg. and we’ll call you back, so leave your phone number or an email address where we can contact you, be sure to speak slowly so we can catch it 🙂  ) or write to info@selfinjury.com.  There are so many people on this blog going through a hard time- and the only way to get help is to reach out for it!  Spaces are filling up fast, so please call soon! 

Thanks and if you have more questions about the program but don’t want to call yet – look at the book “Bodily Harm” (by Karen Conterio and Dr. Wendy Lader – the SAFE co-founders) – it talks a lot about the program.  You’re also more than welcome to respond to this post and I’ll be happy to answer.

I hope you’ll reach out.