i’ve been 1 month clean and i can already feel how deperate and hard it is to not go running and hide. i think i can stay clean if i dont have anything bad happen. and thats what is exactly going to happen. my best friend is really sick. he has some spinal cord injuries and a severe concussion. no one knows if he is going to make it through the summer. and if i dont see him at school, im afraid i’ll go back into the cycle of my S.M. so i am hoping he lasts and then heals himself so he can live a long healthy life. i can feel myself hanging by a thread and if he dies, then i’ll fall down again. and if i fall down, i dont think i’ll be able to get back up again. i know it seems like i’m saying the same thing over and over, but this is how i can express these thoughts. for any of you Christians (even non-Christians), can you please pray for him?
i’d appreciate it