ive been injuring myself for over a month now – it felt like the best thing ever.

now being a month down the road it doesnt feel as good as it used to maybe cuz my outlook has changed from the school trying to get me to talk about my feelings and checking on me every day – now im free to inure without having them check on me cuz school is over but it not feeling as good ive resorted to substances twice, of course i still injured.

of course the school told my parents but my dad just yells and my mom acted as if it never happened – saying she was ticked off that people knew and just dropping it afterwards.

recently i get yelled at if i dont let my 6 year old niece have her way.

i just cant stop injuring – i feel horrible if i do – talking to the school counselor did not help and if anything just helped me progress further into it – it just changed a little. 

I found out i failed a 2nd class a few hours ago too, but its not as bad as english, (working 3 months on an 8-10 page research paper just for it to not be accepted and me having to spend another month correcting it idk what to do if the english teacher still wont take it)

im really tempted to start injuring more, time without it feels horrible to me.