Ok, so starters, im 14 and S.I. I hadn’t S.I in almost a month, but last night I did. My sister had been saying hurtful things to me, and being really cruel. My parents are split up and we were with my dad for fathers day. She told him that she wanted to go to our moms after she had been calling me names and saying what she did. He told her to stay with him and she threw a fit until she got her way. She is always mean to me, and it hurts mentally and physically. I have dealt with it for the past two years, and i can’t handle it anymore. I felt really bad that she was leaving because it was fathers day, and it made me hurt inside. Im starting to get weaker when it comes to being able to handle things anymore. I cry more, and close up. I want to tell my dad, but i’m afraid he will be ashamed and just get mad at me. I have S.Ied for four years, and im closing in on needing professional help. What should I do? someone help me please.