Years from now,
in college silently happy.
Haven’t spoken much,
to her long lost family.

A big fight occured,
about three years back.
She disappointed her parents,
bunking with her one man wolf pack.

She never had a proper,
goodbye with her sister.
Just left without a kiss or hug,
it all ended with a heart twister.

One night her phone rang,
her mother cried hysterically.
She told her tragic news,
her sister killed herself last night.

Her sister was suffering,
been raped and abused in silence.
Never spoke a word of it,
only to her diary of hidden aggrievance.

She felt extremely at fault,
she was a mess in disguise.
Only she was awake at the time,
She truly could only despise.

Quietly seeking her old addiction,
Scavenging through the apartment.
She found her solution,
a tool with a calling her compartment.

She pressed the razor,
against her scarred wrist.
Screaming and crying loudly,
after each cut she hissed.

Already injured,
her room mate woke up differ.
Shaking at the current scene,
he wrapped his arms around her.

Threw the tool down,
grabbed a towel for her relapse.
She fell to the ground in tears,
her heart suddenly collapsed.

They both lied there,
on the floor in the quiet.
Every once in a while she cried,
quickly falling asleep after.

She was clean for five years,
not one single fall back existed.
Now her struggle restarted,
back the the addction she deeply resisted.

She never expected this to happen,
she never wanted to believe.
She found out the truth,
all of what happen to conceive.

Her heart only knew,
the truth of her lifetime struggle.
She dealt with for over seven years,
she lied her way with a secret smuggle.

Her nightmares haunted her once more,
causing her to wake up in tears.
She never realized this truth,
losing her love was her biggest fear.