My life has been spiraling down ever since my sisters arthritus has been getting worse. I know she’s in a lot of pain but I don’t get any attention around here. I’ve been depressed for over 6 months and no one in my house hold has noticed. No one notices the scars I hide. Either that or my mom tries not to see it. Today my mom came in my room at 5 in the morning to yell at me and my sister that we woke her up. We appologized bit she kept yelling. And not about waking her up. About how it should be about her and that my sister should call her doctor if she’s in so much pain. She yelled at me for having a plate in my room and wouldn’t stop yelling on the both of us and she put us both to tears. I got so sick of it I stood up for my sister and I and she grounded me. After that she walked away and said they don’t care about anyone else but themselves. Then she started caring for my sister and when she left me and my sister held each other and cried. After that I couldn’t take it I had to do it again I had to injure. Sometimes I wonder if Theres anyone out there left in the world to care for me.