I’m haveing REALLY strong urges all of a suden.I’ve actually been haveing them for a while now,and with these strong urges i’ve only injured 3 times. Counseling is good so far even though we don’t talk about my injureing.We’ve been doing these work sheets instead,but she said we could do anything that makes me feel comfortable.Everything from games,talking,and work sheets.I go in for my 3rd session maybe this Monday when I go in for my check up with the psychiatrist.I don’t know why he’s checking up on me so soon cause I honestly don’t think i’ve made any progress,but yeah check up on Monday.I might tell my councelor about my urges,but I don’t know.I don’t even know why these urges have been comeing.UGH just like right now I really have the urge.Just waiting to grasp that thing that will make my urges go away.I wish my urges would leave,but their so strong! My councelor Nicole gave me a number to a 24/7 crisishelp hotline number if I ever had an urge.I tryed calling once,but as soon as I was put through I changed my mind,and just told the guy never mind sorry to waste your time.He said I wasn’t wasteing his time through all the crackeling from all the bad reseption.He said the connection was bad and that I should try to call back so I could get a better connection I never did call back.Nicole my councelor also gave me her cell phone number and office number,and she said I could call her if I wanted.But I haven’t and never will just like I will never call the hotline again plus I hate bothering people with my problems.Exspecially cause they have their own lives and problems.I always feel like such a burden on people.Like in my last session with Nicole we were doing this work sheet,and one of the questions was something like what is something you think your good at,and I just told her I don’t know.Later I found that the only thing i’m good at is makeing peoples lives miserable.