Hi people! So I have some major problems on my hands and i desperately need help. Before I share what the problems are I’ll tell you that I am 14 years old 15 on the 15th and I’ve been some-what counseling a couple people that I’ve met online. (Yes yes I’m being careful). Anyway I met this one guy and well he gets abused extremely bad and he was raped when he was young very very young. His parents got divorced and he now lives with his step dad and mom and both other them abuse him and so do his siblings verbally and physically. Almost every night when I’m talking to him he wants to commit suicide … I’ve talked him outta it probably about 4 times now. He thinks he has broken ribs or something bad like that I told him he NEEDS to see a doctor/call the police. He wont listen to me he wants to but he’s scared that his step-dad will find out about it and kill him before they get there. I told him that wont happen. I also gave him another choice of me calling for him or get close to a family or something stay with them for a night and call that night so his dad couldn’t get to him as fast. He still wont listen. I really want to help him like desperately. I told him to get a counselor and everything he wont do anything. I’ve recommend everything I could think of to him but hes just to scared I’m being comforting to him and helping him through it but I can’t be there to stop the abuse he needs help but wont get it….AHH what should I do?

Theres other people I talk to that I’m doing good with In the past week I’ve talked a couple people out of suicide. I’ve gotten them to get help which I’m happy about but I’m stuck on this guy. Please help!!!!! I’m doing great other then that I’ve SI a couple times but it’s only because of deaths and i haven’t in a week so I’m alright (: