my ex girlfriend broke up with me because she said she couldnt deal with being in a relationship. and today i find out shes seeing another guy, not even two months after she left me. I cant describe how betrayed and tossed away right now. I havent been so emotional since she left me and i can not calm down. I went through so much to be with her and proved to her that i loved her more than life when she was scared that i would hurt her life other guys she dated, and now im the one that is hurt and lost. It isnt fair. Im the nicest, most generous, and sensitive guy i know and all i ever do is good things and help people. Its like reverse kharma. I just want what i deserve, and i never get it. All i want is a girl who loves me and one i can take care of and vice versa. But I guess im destined to be teased with happiness and have it taken away. Its taking everything in me not to injure and im losing, and part of me wants to lose.