I haven’t been on this blog for well over a year, I’m sure. I graduated SAFE for the 2nd time (I relapsed and went back) in August of 2008 and remained SI free. I struggled for a couple months with other addictions like substance abuse and food issues but by November I was finally seeing how I could be totally free- not just of the “acting out” behaviors but free of the craziness that always went on in my head. THEN I was given the gift of a surprise pregnancy and delivered my son in August 2009, a year after leaving SAFE. My life doesn’t even resemble what it was before and I can’t believe the person I was back then. I’m that different.
Do any other SAFE alumni ever wish you could go back and speak with some of the staff from SAFE? I know the program has changed and isn’t in Texas anymore so I’d never have a clue how to send a card or a letter or anything, I just wish that I could tell some of them, esp. the ones who were part of the team during both of my stays (Kristy was my therapist, Matt was my favorite tech) how much things have changed. Maybe they read this blog and if so I can’t imagine they’d know who I was and I’m not sharing my first and last name here, but either way, hopefully some of my treatment team (too many people to name) can at least know that an Ashley they helped in October/November 2007 and July/August 2008 is a whole new woman, a mom, back in nursing school, and is so glad I got to be at SAFE.