I’m letting go of my Joy. I’m letting go of my Torment. I’m forgetting my lack of Strength. I’m forgetting my lack of Trust. I’m going to start over like this never happened. Like that one night where I screwed up for the first time never happened. I’m letting it go. Cause my issue with injuring is over. All I have to do is let go. So Good Bye True Love, Good Bye you Demon. Good Bye my Comfort, I’ve moved on from you. All you caused me was pain though I loved you, I hated you. I hate you with all I am and I know you’ve been there for me through it all but I’m letting you go. I don’t need you, I don’t want you, I don’t love you. You are nothing to me now. What I had with you was stupid and I regret everything I did with you. My scars will always be there, but only to remind me to never go back to you again. Today I move on and forget you, you will never bother me again.
Good Bye Self Injury, I’m done with you. 🙂

I haven’t injured in months now… I don’t know why it still bothers me when all I have to do is Let Go. So that’s what I’m doing is letting go. 🙂